«Eternally faithful, ma chère Muriel».

School trip 23 September 2021

This year’s school trip took us to the beautiful French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Numerous club members were able to follow the exciting presentations at the military airfield in Payerne and then in the historic town of Avenches. On our way to Fribourg, we visited the former pilgrimage site of Belfaux with its historic Saint-Etienne parish church, a cultural asset of national importance.

Talking to the local people, we were told that Belfaux was also the residence of the current Minister of Health of the Confederation. Completely surprised by this information, we spontaneously decided to hold a small Trychler concert; this in visual contact with the property, but with the necessary distance (respect and respect for privacy). With the peaceful message of the bells we could surely drive away one or the other evil spirit from the village.

We also reiterated our demand
«Step back Alain!»
once again.

A Minister of Health who endangers his own health and that of those close to him through his frivolous fantasies, who has apparently committed multiple abuses of office and who in all probability has his civil servants working on private matters, is not worthy of the great office and must draw the consequences.

Mr. Minister of Health, if you have any decency and backbone left, resign NOW! After the very interesting stay in Belfaux, we travelled on to Fribourg, where we visited the historic old town and the Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas.

After a delicious dinner and many interesting and amusing conversations, a very exciting day came to an end.

Helvetia Trychler